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"An infectious hybrid of rock, funk, jazz, prog & more"-     Atlanta based Story Of A Life specializes in melodic, progressive originals and classic covers.

The 'story' of Story Of A Life (also known as SOAL) goes all the way back to 1997, when Athens Georgia musicians Sean Tonar (guitar) and Brian 'Thor' Coutts (drums) decided to form a band. After various line-up incarnations and some recording, the members of Story of a Life drifted apart for ten years, formed other groups, and didn't meet up again until 2009 when Thor happened to find Sean online and the band once again became a working unit. To complete the picture enter bassist Stephen Cox and keyboardist Bill Graham for the 2014 3.0 version of Story Of A Life featured on their self titled CD. Catch them live as a trio or quartet (depending on the occasion and context) near you soon and check out their self titled debut CD!

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